Eclear-Advanced Waste Water Treatment System

Utopia E-Clear Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant, developed by Utopia Membranes Pvt. Ltd., is based on Advanced Oxidation Process through nano-coated electrodes. Utopia patented online Electro Membrane Reactor (EMR) Technology is used in this wastewater treatment plant. The system makes it possible to reuse up to 90% of sewage wastewater with low operating cost and consistent performance. The traditional STP technologies like SBR, MBBR, MBR etc. use bacterial beds for oxidation and hence, their efficiency depends on the concentration and growth of bacteria which are sensitive to various elements of water such as toxicity (kills the bacteria shutting down the plant for 15/20 days), aeration rate, organic loading rate, seasonal variation, pH/temperature variation. Hence, regular operator oversight is essential to analyze the sludge and maintain good settling characteristics to keep the system running efficiently.


Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) have been the most promising methods for treating Organic pollutants such as dyes, pigments, benzenes, alcohols, amines, ethers and chlorinated aromatic derivatives that are toxic and dangerous to the environment. These processes are defined as treatments that generate hydroxyl radicals in an aqueous medium to promote the oxidation of pollutants through their high oxidizing power. Different advanced oxidation processes exist but all feature production of OH radicals.

Process Description

Wastewater from collection tank is taken from the feed pump to the Utopia Sewage Treatment Unit. Collection Tank inlet is fitted with a Screening unit where larger size particles are filtered. Feed Pump takes water from Collection Tank and feeds to the Online Equalization Unit where all waste water is mixed and made homogenized waste water. This wastewater is fed to Utopia Nano Coated Electrode tank in which Nano coated Anodes and cathodes are used. In the reactor unit hydroxyl radicals are produced and all impurities are oxidized and converted to undissolved form. This treatment is highly efficient and effective for the oxidation of organic and inorganic waste. After advanced oxidation process, Utopia Polymer dosing Station doses the coagulant and caustic into Waste Water to Produce the Sub-micron particle sizes of Oxidized Organic matter. The dosing is automated and mixing occurs online. This water containing the oxidized matter flocs is fed to the Settling tank where the heavy flocs settle down to the bottom. The clear water is further, passed through the media filters and UF Membrane process, the Purified Filtrate is collected at the filtration output.


  • Guaranteed Performance With less Energy & Chemical Requirement
  • Operating Life of System is more than 10 years
  • Less Foot Print Area required than conventional STP/ETP
  • No Bacterial culture maintenance and Preparation required
  • More Than 90 % Water recovery is possible
  • Less Sludge generation, can be less than 3% of total capacity
  • Minimum hydraulic retention is required since its based on Online treatment
  • Can withstand wide waste water quality variations